Christmas-Song: Thank you for Christmas

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Toni Hertz is proud to present his latest Christmas Song “Thank you for Christmas”…Check it out now on YouTube! „Thank you for Christmas“ right now on YouTube … watch it

Toni has brought heart and soul into his songs for years now.  Well known in Europe, Toni’s song writing abilities are “extraordinary” says JD, one of the voices of “Milli Vanilli.”

Toni Hertz had his first clandestine Oktoberfest hit in 2010 with “Einmal mit dir” (One time with you). Now fresh from the recording studio, Toni delights fans by singing a wonderful Christmas song accompanied by an angelic choir.  This Christmas song is brought to you in English so it can be shared by Toni’s fans around the world.

This new song has mass appeal on an International Level, friends and fans will rejoice as Toni’s heartfelt lyrics are just as touching in English as they are in German.  This Christmas tune will fit perfectly for this beautiful time of the year.

Merry Christmas!


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